Thursday, 2 March 2017

2 march 2017

take my teardrop, turn into an ocean Lord,  cast your flood upon evils round about me Lord,  shine your name in all righteousness until the wicked shall know your name through your servant  Lord,
flood the world with all righteousness of your name, shall it be glorified by all oceans by your servants teardrop,
let the wicked be shut in their unrighteousness in their works let their haughty eyes brought down
let their evil hearts be shut from the works of their hands,  let the ocean overflow their unrighteousness,  let them seek your righteousness O Lord,  let healing come to my land in your righteousness, turn their eyes towards you,
your servant sees Lord, your servant waits,  let your name be high,
in their defeat in our victory. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I was saying my old Gods prayer,
God is good ,God is great,
Let us thank for the food we eat amen,
I wanted to say something new,
I said i want God to taste this delicious food with me,
A voice came fromm inside me, created an image of a hungry poor man,
I said hallelujah ,the words were share it with the poor man.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Dear GOD

Dear GOD, How much you did for me,Dear God,

You came to the earth,
You gave me the path,
You told me the way,

When I was in dark,
You gave me the light,
You blessed me with shine,

You told me the right,
When I lost the fight,

You came to me,
Like symphony,
Like a melody,
You came to me,

When I was in dark,
I saw you with spark,
You light up my world,
You are my good God,
Yes Jesus you are,
You are my great Lord ,

You told me the right,
When I lost the fight,

You came to me,
Like symphony,
Like a melody,
You came to me,

When I was in dark,
You gave me the light,
You blessed me with shine,

Dear God,How much you did for me,

Friday, 13 July 2012


As the world goes on,
Isnt it fast?,

My life stays away,
Will it ever last?,

Searching for the truth,
Searching for some sense,

As my life goes on,
The world stays away,

Wanna tell the world,
That what you have done,
Wanna give the word,
That all should be the one,

As the world goes on,
The people stays away,
As my spirit goes on,
My life stays away.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Crescent moon

i'm wondered by the crescent moon ,that how it comes at night and stare,
its half by shadow of the earth and half the shining it couldnt bare,

i'm wondered by the crescent moon,by half a light it does our care,
spreading itself into air,

i'm wondered by the crescent moon, that it do not other things to care,
hanging on it just stares,

it watches us with half a light and crescent moon is lovely sight,

no matter it is half a light ,
i'm wondered by the crescent moon,
it keeps me awake all night ,
it promise me to meet again,
when all the dark will roll in chain.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Sitting alone with His thoughts as His life shattered Him,

He muses as He seethed,

Now, His tears have become blood, in this temporal earth,

He breached into the darkness, trying to come up to bristle with His darkest fear,

He struggles and is told He is very much there,
But that voice wasn't much clear,

He is awake, but still in His dreams,
The nightmare He saw, He abominated,

He accost mumbling,
Trying to scare away His fear,

But the earthly mars, lived in Him,
Like a mythical Himself,

His heart is now in myriad fragments,

He is fretting with His life,

For none other than "HER",

Still, He is stupor,
and to His Himself Subminal............................


She is her,
when she is around,
I love her,

Me, I am who..??,
I am a lover,

"Ayer",that's yesterday,
but i miss her every single moment,everyday,

say,please say,
My love..??,

I rather stay,
Will you go away?,
Ooh please don't..,
please stay.,
Cause i am your lover,

Are you happy?,
by what we are.,

but,please tell me,our friendship will take us far??,

Me, i am me,i am your lover,
When you are not around,
I cry,like silent surround,
"HER" that's you,

Me, I am me,guess who??,
I am your lover.............